Wave Baseball of Northwest Florida is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Wave Baseball was founded to provide players between the ages of 11 – 14 the opportunity to participate in a structured program that offers exposure to professional coaching, a rigorous practice schedule, structured game participation, and tournament play.

Wave Baseball presently works in close harmony with the City of Gulf Breeze Parks and Recreation Department, the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, Santa Rosa County Parks and Recreation Department to organize and manage the Wave Baseball program. The program abides by all requirements for youth travel baseball programs. Wave Baseball is managed by a Board of Directors who will set high standards for everyone involved with the program.

Program Guiding Principles

  • Only qualified players will be extended an offer to play
  • Players who begin a season are expected to complete the season
  • Wave Baseball head coaches will be required to have a thorough understanding of the game, practice fundamentals and the experience necessary to accomplish our program mission
  • Win or lose, players, coaches, parents and fans will show good sportsmanship
  • Coaches, players, player families and friends will respect league rules and regulations, league officials, and umpires
  • Coaching decisions made during game or tournament play are not open for parental discussion or scrutiny
  • Players should be encouraged to interact directly with their respective coach and parents should encourage their children to use this approach
  • Coaches will make themselves available on a regular basis to meet with players and their parents to answer questions and concerns
  • Coaches and players will show up for games, practices and Wave Baseball events on time and ready to participate
  • Players will be evaluated regularly before, during and after each season and parental participation in that process is expected
  • All grievances are handled by the Board of Directors
  • While competitive tournament play is important to player development, Wave Baseball’s goal is player development, not tournament play. Wave Baseball will provide each qualified player with ample game and tournament play opportunities while striving to protect players from physical injury associated with overuse
  • Success is measured by an individual player’s improvement and not necessarily by a team’s win-loss record in tournament play


Wave Baseball of Northwest Florida is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Wave Baseball was founded to provide players aged 11 through 14 years the opportunity to participate in a structured program that offers exposure to professional coaching, a rigorous practice schedule, structured game participation, and tournament play. The Wave Baseball program unites all coaches under one training methodology similar to a baseball academy approach. Players will learn good sportsmanship, commitment, dedication to hard work, the importance of being fit, mental and physical toughness, and the importance of character. Wave players completing the program will be well prepared for play at the high school level.

Program Manual

The Wave Baseball Board of Directors has been working hard during the off-season to improve our program. Part of that improvement included developing documentation designed to help players and their parents better understand the goals and policies of Wave Baseball. The result of that effort is the Wave Baseball Program Manual. We encourage all prospective players and parents to download and read through this important document.

Download the Wave Baseball Program Manual.

Playing Season

Wave Baseball will play in one official season from January through June or July. There may be additional preparatory camps during late November and early December designed to provide players with adequate preparation for the Annual Winter Tryouts. Wave Baseball does not believe young players should play only baseball all year long. Players should have ample downtime from throwing and Wave Baseball will structure all programs so as to provide all players with this important rest.